Melting Arctic ice is now pouring 14,000 tons of water per second into the ocean, scientists find

TKO found out this fact very recently….we talked about it most of the following day!

Like most people and organisations we are very aware of the major issues facing our planet.
Whether you believe humans have or have not had an effect on warming the Planet, the headline above is not an opinion… it is a fact!

This fact has made us think about our ecosystems, our sustainability and mostly, our future.
Our conclusion is that we all have a responsibility to make an effort to reduce the negative effect that we have on our Planet.
We want to be a good, responsible and careful corporate entity, however, we are also aware that we have to consider the cost implications of this.

TKO has decided to take our passion for a better Planet and set up a ‘Green Team’. This team will be dedicated to finding technology companies
who are developing technological solutions to the problems we are facing. We are so devoted to helping that we will offer any organisations that’s fit this bill,
£1000 off your first project with us. Our creativity, experience and knowledge in the electronics industry will be used to help them sell more.

If you are a company that falls into this category, if you are dedicated to limiting the damage we are doing, and passionate about creating a better Planet…
Please get in touch today and let us help you, help all of us!

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