We started out by navigating around busY cities in the early noughties with just a map. Now we Order an uber in a matter of seconds. we ADAPT, WE CHANGE, AND WE'VE SURVIVED IT ALL.

“The story of how TKO came to exist defines how we do business to this very day.”

2020 is a big year for TKO. It marks 26 years in business. 26 years that we’ve been helping and shaping how many electronics businesses make a return on their investments.

The story of how we started, and the evolution that’s resulted in where we are today, we like to think defines the determination for our success, and very much the way we’ve always done business.

Founder of TKO, Guy Forster, headed to Silicon Valley, determined to meet professionals in the electronics industry, to whom he could lend a helping hand. It was very different kind of business trip back then. Guy would hop in a taxi with his map, and navigate many taxi drivers to his desired addresses. Many of these meetings resulted in client relationships. Successful campaigns. Press coverage. Sales revenue. Many resulted in nothing of course, but we took knowledge from every meeting we had.

In 2019 it seems so different. The TKO team now head all around the world, but instead of hopping in a taxi, we tap our iPhones and we’re in an Uber in seconds. But what’s never changed is the determination, the constant learning, and the results.

When you start a journey sometimes you never can be sure where it will lead you. When I started TKO this was certainly true. The Internet was in its infancy and so indeed was email, let alone social media! Obviously, all these things are now part of our daily business lives and we take them as if they were always there. They weren’t. So, TKO has had to continuously evolve as our customer needs changed. We were using stamps on envelopes to send out press releases! So, the real change is in the service we provide and how we provide it. Customers paid for a process almost as if it was manual labour. Now they don’t want to pay for that as they don’t need it. What they need is solutions to conundrums, creativity, experience and knowledge. They need the TKO difference….

Guy Forster – Founder 

“If we drop below the standards we set ourselves, we will tell the world.”

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