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Press Relations

Drawing on long-standing relationships with journalists at top electronics, technology and engineering companies, the TKO team helps clients to achieve outstanding results for product launches, brand communication and customer education campaigns.

For any technology company there are very few ways of influencing the opinions of their customers when they are not directly in front of them. In this modern era when there are so many varied platforms the amount of information is not the problem. The problem is the quality of information.

The relevance of PR to the modern technology company is more important than it ever was. The TKO team’s priority with our PR services is to gain the invaluable endorsement of the most important journalists Worldwide. They are the gatekeepers to the audience. TKO believes in delivering our customers the closest and most intimate relationships with these important gatekeepers based on mutual trust, long-term relationships and high-quality content.

Technical Writing

Client-side engineers are a rich source of information for their customers, but often struggle to communicate this information in a written form for use on websites and in magazines. TKO’s technical writing service allows clients to make the most of the expertise of their engineers and to find new, engaging ways to capture the attention of customers and prospects both online and in print.

By using TKO’s technical writing service, clients can improve the quality of their written output while dramatically reducing the time spent on the task by their engineers. TKO generates article ideas, edits or writes copy from a brief provided by the client, and offers finished articles to third-party magazines and publications to ensure the market has the opportunity to read a regular flow of relevant and interesting technical content.

In 26 years TKO has written and placed over 2000 articles in the press and we have only ever failed to place 1… We are not proud of this fact!


Advertising is expensive. It is very easy to waste money with advertising. Every magazine either with their paper, website or newsletters believes this is the only way to support customers needs. This cannot possibly be true. Over our years of experience in the constantly changing media landscape TKO knows where your real results will come from. Be this from lead generation or brand recognition.We have tried and tested every option and the reality is that there are patterns of success that means you don’t waste money.

TKO doesn’t see advertising as a cost or a line in a spreadsheet. We see it the same as all our other tactics; a means by which our customers make money. Every TKO advertising campaign has experience, method and research behind it. We spend your money as if it were our own.

Digital mArketing

The digital world that has evolved over the last 10 years has made the modern marketers’ life complicated. Before the internet life was simple. We didn’t have to worry about click throughs, open rates and page impressions. It seems the world of selling has been solved by numbers on a spreadsheet.

TKO believes that digital marketing and its number given conclusions hasn’t solved anything. Numbers on a spreadsheet from electronic media analysis do not reflect the reality of whether this made a difference to customer sales. As you would’ve seen from everything that TKO does we focus on your sales. Not the analysis on the spreadsheet. If used correctly digital marketing is very pure; so long as we focus on the real outcome and not the numbers.

“Other companies do digital marketing: TKO turns your online presence into a sales-opportunity machine.”
Graphic Design

There is a cliché that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ Today there are more words available to be read than ever. The reality is we live in a world where decisions are made quicker than ever before. Companies simply do not have time to review everything that is available to them. To keep up with the pace of change decisions must be made quickly.

Over many years of experience TKO’s graphic design has mastered the art and skill of taking the most complicated of technological concepts and turning them into graphics that engineers can quickly understand and evaluate.

“TKO’s design service is not about creating pretty pictures – it’s the way we make your look sell your products. “
Exhibition Marketing

Attendees to today’s high-tech exhibitions are statistically increasing every year. This is either surprising or not depending on your knowledge of the industry. What is clear is people evaluating the technology still value the face to face interactions that exhibitions allow. They need to be able to see, touch and talk about technology in ‘real time’.

Most human beings visiting an exhibition only have the capacity to do 10 of these in-depth meetings per day. Regardless of how much you have invested in a booth, if you do not have a display that attracts the right people then you have wasted your money. TKO understands this challenge because 90% of a spend on any exhibition is on infrastructure, staff, accommodation and travel. 

You must make sure that the visual attraction of your booth repays and builds on all the investment in the infrastructure, staff, accommodation and travel.

“Our existing customers tell us we’re closer to excellent than good.”


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